Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Tuesday, or The Vomit Comet

Last Tuesday Addy slept in, which was not terribly surprising, considering that we were up late for Memorial day. She awoke with a bang with vomit in her bed, but Dave said that it didn't look like vomit so I made the mistake of trying to feed her a juice box. While my back was turned it squirted all over the floor (or so I thought) so I gave her another one. This time within 10 seconds of finishing it, it was all out on the floor again with a momentous puke. Yuck. So yoga was definitely going to fall off the radar for the day.

Unfortunately we were totally out of groceries (including Gatorade and saltines) and the cleaners were coming so I needed to be out of the house for two hours. So once Jackson was to preschool (I was pretty sure Addy's stomach was emptied) I braved a trip to the store (Yes, I am one of those evil parents who takes her child to the store when she is sick. This is one of those things you're not supposed to admit to on your public blog....) I returned some things to one store, drove around to while away some time and then stopped to get groceries, including the requisite saltines and Gatorade. Addy was fine (sigh of relief), I got my things done and I was happily driving home when I got a phone call from Jared: "Mom, why aren't you here to pick me up at school? I've been waiting for 10 minutes. I have piano today." Jared has piano on Wednesday, not Thursday-- I checked my phone calendar and the phone agreed with him. I realized his lesson had been switched but in all of the vomit excitement I assumed I would be staying home or doing nothing of consequence all day and didn't check my calendar. Usually I have a friend watch Addy, Jackson and Camryn on piano days and complete a complicated and circuitous pick up/drop off process.

Instead I had totally spaced it and had to figure out some plan. I was in the car with Addy, Jackson was still at preschool, Jared was at school waiting and Camryn on the bus on her way home. I did not have time to get the kids picked up and dropped off at my friend's house (let alone the fact that Addy was sick and couldn't be left at a friend's house anyway), so I picked Jared up from school, raced home to get Camryn and his piano music, had Jackson stay in preschool afterschool care and drove off to his lesson-- which is 30 minutes away in Portland-- with the two remaining kids in tow. We managed to make it only 15 minutes late (his lesson is an hour long, so that's not as bad as it could have been) and I sat in the car with the other two (very bored) kids instead of sitting in on his lesson like I usually do. Whew.
Internal commentary: Hooray for me, I just wrote another post about vomit! Why exactly do I feel the need to publicly record my exciting adventures with throw-up, the fact that I will take my germy kid to a grocery store when they are sick and yet another instance of me being scatter-brained on a public forum? Who exactly is itching to read about this? Is this really a productive alternative to following Addy and Jackson around the house, cleaning up the trail of play-doh, marker art on their faces or appendages and the massive mazes of Scotch tape left in their wake? Or cleaning and wiping all of the counters only to have them clobbered by Play-doh? Or diligently sweeping the floor only to find another wad of dog hair in a corner? Some questions are better left unanswered....


2busy said...

At least she didn't vomit in the car while you were all crazy running around.

Hilary and Eric said...

I couldn't stop laughing at the idea of you and Dave having a conversation on whether or not that was vomit (or I'm assuming some other bodily excretion) in Addy's bed. The joys of parenthood!

Lara said...

I personally enjoy the fact that you keep it so real! Maybe the rest of us would think we are the only ones who ever have to deal with vomit if you didn't write about it.

I enjoy the laughs==and that you can laugh at yourself!

Kristen said...

Love your blog and mommy adventures! My daughter still reminds me of the day I sent her to SCHOOL after she vomited that morning! I told her "You'll be fine. The vomit is all gone now." OH BOY!! 60 minutes later a phone call from the nurse "Ashley threw up all over her classroom" So, just FYI: You'll never live it down. :)
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