Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey there! Remember me?

Probably not... It has been about three months since I've posted anything. I've realized that preparing for a Cantico concert and active blogging cannot coexist at the same time. The concert (May 18th) came and went successfully--honestly I think it was the best concert we have done yet. I was very, very happy with it and again very grateful to have the opportunity to direct a group of such talented musicians.

Meanwhile, I haven't written on my blog or read any of my friends' blogs for months. Clutter has accumulated throughout my house and in my head. I've been doing lots of mental processing, but (obviously) not much has made or to my blog. Again I'm asking the perennial blogging question: How much of my life do I want to broadcast over the interwebs anyway? Does anyone actually read this? Is a blog too public to write anything worth reading? Is there any point to recording, in painstaking detail, the mental roundabouts of an overly obsessive thinker-- especially when those thoughts are laced with my dealings with vomit and diapers?

Or, in fewer words, is this blogging thing really working for me anymore?

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