Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remember Me

I think I have officially accepted that I am not currently using my time to blog ("I don't have time to blog anymore" sounds like I suddenly realized there was life beyond my computer, so I won't go there...)

I spend a lot of time in the car these days driving kids to lessons and such. Piano is the hardest-- two hours at the teacher's house between the two older kids. Getting an in-car DVD player has saved my bacon here. We manage to make it through the lessons sitting outside in the car with some jaunts to the park thrown in for good measure. I even manage to sneak in to hear snippets of the lesson.

Today I was sitting inside listening to part of Camryn's lesson when Jared tapped at the front window to get my attention. I came outside and he told me that Jackson needed to go potty. Jackson was standing outside the car doing a little dance that confirmed the veracity of Jared's words. I told Jackson to hurry inside to use the potty, but it is hard to move quickly when you are doing the potty dance.

As he writhed his way toward me, he said, "I'm not going to make it!", followed by "I pooped in my pants." The words every mother longs to hear standing outside the piano teacher's house. I will spare you the details of how I managed to clean up poopy pants out in front of the piano teacher's house in the rain. It may or may not have involved throwing underwear in the garbage. But I somehow survived the experience and many others like it. Now if only blogging regularly survived along with it....

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