Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jared's Birthday

I wrote a birthday tribute post to Jared, but never posted pictures of his actual birthday. We just had a small family celebration but Jared was really excited to open presents and have cake and did I mention open presents?

I made a "Tiger Cake"- a recipe I clipped from the Oregonian ages ago (made with extra-virgin olive oil and pepper- yes, olive oil)- and homemade mint-chocolate-chip ice cream for his family celebration. It was yum-o-licious, if I do say so myself.
 Kind of like marbled pound cake with a bite (Tiger Cake, a bite... get it? ha ha). Jared agreed wholeheartedly.
Dave's mom flew out for a visit to save me from my summer chaos and help me get organized before school started. She arrived on Jared's birthday, just in time to join us for our celebration.
Jared blowing out his candles:
It's hard to believe that my baby is nine- well maybe not that hard to believe....
Happy Birthday, Jared!

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brittanimae said...

That cake sounds really interesting--you should post the recipe! I'm not sure I would dare try it out for a birthday (pepper? really?), but I am really wanting to find out how those flavors work together. Also, I can't believe I have a nine-year-old either!!