Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I cut my hair. Really cut it. A week and a half ago. While Dave's mom was here visiting.

The entire four years we lived in California I had my hair fairly short, and the four years we've lived in Oregon I've had it fairly long. So I figured it was about time for my quadrennial hairstyle change. So I finally took the plunge: I cut it short and got side bangs too. (That's probably even more shocking- I haven't had bangs since I was 12.)

Exhibit A: Short-ish hair in California from 2002-2006
Camryn and I at the now-defunct "Where the Wild Things Are" exhibit at the Zeum in San Francisco. January 2005.
Okay, this picture was actually taken in Seattle when my sister and I went to the MTNA convention. This was my first time riding in a limo. April 2005.

One more January 2005 picture, just so I can marvel at how skinny I was. And that was after two kids!
Exhibit B: Long-ish hair in Oregon from 2006-2010
October 2007: I was pregnant with Jackson.
March 2008: After Jackson's baby blessing.
January 2009: With Jackson on an airplane coming home from Christmas at Grandma's
December 2009: After Adelyn's baby blessing.
Exhibit C: Short-ish hair again, from 2010-???? (All of these photos were self-taken, so not exactly the best around....)

Rock that short hair!
So I guess I'm good for another four years, at which point I can contemplate a possible switch. :)


Kelly(M&M) said...

I love it!! It looks really good on you. I think I told you that when I saw you, but in case I didn't, here it is. You look fantastic!

Suzie Petunia said...

You look great! It was the first thing I noticed when we passed in the hall at church last Sunday, and I wish I had been able to stop and chat for a second, but I had a toddler emergency on my hands. :) I've never known you with anything but long hair! But the short with side bangs is very becoming, too. I am just coming out of my "short" phase and working my way back into having long hair again. That would mean I am in the "awkward in-between" stage. :) My husband always laughs about how girls go back and forth between the long and short, the bangs and no bangs. I just tell him it is important to us to keep something new, fresh and exciting in our lives!

Greek Goddess said...

Cute, cute!

Kate said...

Love it!