Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Week in K-ville

Summer is flying by. My brief burst of enthusiasm for organization has (predictably) waned as I realize that there is a really good reason (four of them, actually) that my house looks the way it does and my level of organization is less-than-stellar. I have replaced my goals for organizing my upstairs and setting up regular schedules with more eminently reachable ones like trying to set a record for how many times we can get Taco Bell for lunch in a single week (we only hit three, but give me some time-- it's a new goal and I'm just warming up...).

Jared and Camryn did Missoula Children's Theater this week and had a fantastic experience. Auditions were Monday, followed by rehearsals every day and two performances on Saturday. We also had one of the directors staying at our house. Jackson and Addy were remarkably patient with all of the driving back and forth to rehearsals. The show yesterday was really cute and both Jared and Camryn did a great job.

Dave's current project at his job continues to build in intensity. I think he may be pushing the threshold of the number of work hours possible per week. We've passed, "Wow, it's 8 pm! You're home early!" and we're on to "I almost wish you were out of town so I could see you more often." :) But he amazingly survives it somehow, and- even more amazingly- so do I. As best I can. What can you do but do your best to make it work? And think longingly forward to his paid sabbatical next year....

Addy figured out how to climb up the stairs. Now if only she knew how to get down them safely.... At this moment she is calling mamamamaaaaaaaa so I guess that is my cue to end this post early. Catch-up on epic summer fun will have to wait for another time.

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Paige said...

Karen, I am noticing (thanks to blogs and facebook) that the whole "wanting and knowing how to be organized but really stinking at following through" is common amongst music major moms. :) I know that doesn't HELP you at all, but you can at least sleep well knowing that you are in good company. Well, maybe not GOOD company, but company nonetheless. I just spent tonight pulling everything out of my deathtrap kitchen cupboards and reorganizing and cleaning them. Yes, it's Sunday. But if I don't do it when the urge strikes, the urge will be gone for at least another 18 months. So now I have clean cupboards! Good luck with your endeavors!