Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Excuse of the Day

I figured out my latest excuse: I'm not disorganized, I'm mis-organized. (Meaning that it's not that I can't get my laundry folded-- I just don't really want to so I spend my time doing other things I like better.)

I wanted to share a post from a friend of mine whose twins just turned four months old. She talks about how they are adjusting to twins compared to how they adjusted to their first child (it's actually been easier) and she pretty much encapsulates in her post why having a first child was such a mammoth shock for me.

I like when I get reminders that, no, I'm not the only one who sometimes lets my blissful imaginings of how motherhood should be get in the way of loving what I do, reality and all. Motherhood truly is full of beautiful life-changing moments I wouldn't trade for anything --mixed in with chaos and exhaustion and poop and moments that you can't get away from fast enough. :) I guess that's real life....

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