Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer in Summary

Camryn had her dance recital in June. The day of the dance recital the kids and I flew to California. We stayed for two weeks at my parents' house while Dave stayed here and worked insane hours. He flew out for the fourth of July. We had lots of fun in California and then flew to Utah, where we stayed for almost two weeks as well. This time Dave flew out twice for less than 24 hours each time (yes, work was that bad). Nonetheless, the kids and I still had tons of fun. Jared and Camryn stayed with Grandma for a few days extra. Now we are all back home.

I had a sudden urge to try to get back into a routine and organize our life. All attempts have been met squarely by four children. I am realizing that we work the way we do for a reason: it gets us by, though it may not be pretty. I alternate feeling okay with what I am getting done in my circumstances with feeling frustrated with gap there is between what I envision and what actually happens. I have these visions of glorious summer days of playing outside, picking berries, doing fun activities and we end up mired in housecleaning or projects before getting frustrated and giving up, while seeming no further along than we were when we started. Am I a perfectionist? How quickly I forget our four weeks of nonstop fun in Utah and California.

Blogging has kind of fallen by the wayside. So I will end this lame post and think of something more entertaining to say later.

(Hmmm. This is about my worst post ever. But I'm going to post it anyway. So there.) :)

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