Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bubble Burst

I know. That took a long time.

I still love my life. But that doesn't preclude me from having a screaming two-year-old that missed his nap, has diarrhea with a diaper rash and chucks any food besides a sippy cup of milk off of his high chair tray. Or whining and complaining older kids who think everything is not fair. Or Addy who finally woke from her marathon nap and wants to eat NOW!

The moral of the story is never write a blog post while you should be putting dinner on the table. Bad idea.

P.S. Jackson is really cute when he sings the ABC song. But he is less cute when he chucks his food on the floor and then (for some odd reason) is hungry. Or when he is a screaming wreck from having no nap. Time to get that kid to bed.