Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do You Ever...

-distract yourself by obsessively working on a "project" that really isn't crucial (or even necessary) at all, while neglecting to fold the clean laundry that is piling up in the hallway and other important chores?
-stay up way too late on the computer "working" on said "important" project that really isn't important at all? (I could at least just admit that I'm really being lazy and watch a movie or something...)
-have grand imaginations of cooking fresh, delicious, local, seasonal food for your family... and then buy crackers, fruit snacks and other processed junk food because they can be used as bribery for your almost-two-year-old and you are too tired to actually cook?
-feel like you simultaneously have nothing to do and tons to do?
-wonder how over three-fourths of the month's budget got used up in the first two weeks?
-have your desire to spend money go up as the bank account goes down?
-stand next to your almost-two-year-old's car seat while he is screaming and throwing a fit about being buckled in and wonder "Exactly what WOULD Jesus do?"
-wonder why people get concerned about you lifting heavy things when you are 8 1/2 months pregnant when you have to manhandle a screaming and flailing 33 pound child several times a day?
-wonder how many people get a laugh out of watching you spend 5-10 minutes trying to coax your almost-two-year-old into coming before you just give up and lug him along?
-wonder if your two older kids will ever run out of things to argue about?
-wonder exactly how life is going to work after baby #4 arrives?
-wonder exactly what you accomplished today besides going grocery shopping?
-get antsy for your husband to get home from a week-long business trip when he just left this morning?
-finally decide to turn off your computer and go to bed because life always looks better in the morning? ;)

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Emily Laing said...

Oh sweety....I feel your pain! My 4th was the hardest for me....but it gets better and thankfully, perfection cannot be achieved in this lifetime, so stop trying! I am the master at meals and even I bought the fruit snacks this week...it wont kill them if its once in a while and not everyday.