Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All Before 9:30 am...

Today got off to a rousing start. Camryn got Jackson out of his crib this morning, so I didn't notice until about 10 minutes later that he had a stinky diaper that had leaked onto his pajamas. I cleaned him up and got a new diaper on him but didn't get him dressed because he needed a bath. I got distracted before the bath and when I went to find Jackson a few minutes later, he was at the bottom of the stairs, buck naked, happily saying, "Color! Color!" He was proudly holding an orange crayon that he was applying to the bottom stair post.

After searching for the discarded diaper and any possible leaks we went upstairs and got showered and dressed. I put Jackson in his high chair with some food and settled down to enjoy a little breather during breakfast. A few minutes later, Jackson got upset and started saying, "Nose! Nose"! I looked at his nose-- everything seemed all right so I went back to eating my breakfast. But Jackson was insistent and got more and more upset: "Nose!! Nose!!" Upon closer examination, he had stuck a raisin up his nose and could not get it out.

Luckily, raisins are soft and easily removable with tweezers (although getting Jackson to hold still while I stuck tweezers up his nose was a whole new adventure). All of this was before 9:30 am.... Jackson keeps climbing on me and walking across my arms while I type (now he is laying across them). I think this is my cue to be done. Typing while Jackson is throwing himself at my laptop is less than successful.

Maybe we should can plans for housecleaning and go somewhere with no crayons and no raisins.


ped crossing said...

Hope the rest of the day was easier!

Suzie Petunia said...

No one ever warned me about days like this. Not even my mama.

Glad you got the raisin out yourself and didn''t have to pay the doctor $150 to do it for you. I know the going rate from experience!