Thursday, August 13, 2009

California Summary Part I

I am falling into the "must catch up on old stuff before I can post new stuff" trap lately on my blog. As a result, I have been avoiding my blog entirely because it makes me feel overwhelmed. I'm going to try to give a quick catch-up on some of the stuff that I've been putting off forever so I can move on with my life... and my blog.

Our Trip to California: Yes, this trip was in June. Yes it is now August. But could you really live without seeing pictures of:

The kids and I at our favorite beach with Grandma. We love this beach because the parking is free and it has a little "river" that the smaller kids can play in without waves. Jared and Camryn laid down in the shallow water and waited for waves to go over them, never-mind the chilly water temperature (they get their tolerance of cold from their Dad, not me).

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Diana said...

Aptos, I know that beach well! Use to go there every Memorial Day weekend with a group of families.