Thursday, August 13, 2009

California Catch-Up Part III: Mamble the Dog

One of the major attractions at Grandma's house in California is Marty the dog. Between that and the fruit trees in her backyard that the kids get to pick from, she has a pretty sweet set-up.

However, this was Jackson's first time to go to Grandma's house, so for a couple of hours he wasn't sure about Marty and this whole dog thing. After a couple of hours of having a relationship of mutual distrust, Jackson decided that Marty was his new best friend and became practically inseparable from him. I don't know if Marty was quite as attached to Jackson, but he happily tolerated the relationship once he figured out how much of Jackson's meals end up on the floor. Jackson kept saying a new word at Grandma's house: "Mamble, Mamble!!" We finally figured out that it was his word for "Marty."

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