Monday, March 9, 2009

When I Go To Church

I have realized that the only way I make it to church on time is when I have to be early to rehearse beforehand with the choir (when they are going to perform that day). Last week, unfortunately, was not one of those days, so we arrived in a rush 10 minutes late and slipped into the very back of the overflow. As we were going to sit down, I noticed something seemed a little bit wrong about Jared's pants... they were black pants, but they just looked a bit too short and the cut was kind of funny- a little bit low-rise with different pockets. It took me a minute and then I realized that he was wearing Camryn's black pants. I had to work hard to suppress laughing out loud on that one. I didn't tell Jared, but made a mental note to be more careful with my laundry folding. At least Camryn wasn't wearing her pink sparkly crocs with her sunday dress (which, ahem, has definitely never happened before...). =)

While we were sitting in the back, Jackson did his usual thing, jabbering and trying to get down and wander around. And then he saw them... at the top of the ceiling of the gym (where we were sitting in the overflow), there were two helium balloons that had floated up to the ceiling. He pointed at them and very clearly said, "Uuuuuh. Azah-bah-wuh." When this did not produce the desired result, he began saying more loudly and more insistently while pointing at the balloons: "Uuuuuuhh!!!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!!!!" Jackson was very clearly (and, most politely, in his opinion) asking us to get him those cool balloons down from the ceiling and could not figure out why his dense parents could not figure out what he was saying and just get them down for him.

This week at church, Dave had to teach a lesson during the last hour, so I was on my own with Jackson. Jackson started out okay, but then I made the mistake of giving him a toy- a small wooden tractor, to be exact. Jackson got upset that I wouldn't let him get down and roam, so he flailed, arched his back and threw the tractor, where it hit the back of some unsuspecting woman's chair (and luckily not the back of her head). That was the end of class for us. We spent the rest of church roaming the halls, which would have been okay except Jackson found the bulletin board and started ripping papers off it.

All I can say is that it's going to be a LOOOOONG three months until he's old enough for nursery. And it's a good thing that kid is so cute...


Jacki said...

I always sigh with relief at the end of Sacrament Meeting and hope that we were too loud or too messy or ... I'm thankful Rob can help with Steven the other 2 hours, so we trade off. Only 7 Sundays left before nursery!

Jacki said...

Ha! I meant WEREN'T too noisy! LOL!