Monday, March 9, 2009

The Chef in the Family

Dave has a limited repertoire of things that he cooks. He can make his way around the kitchen well enough and what he does cook he cooks quite well, but he's not exactly the Iron Chef. But he makes the kids eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, candied nuts and other similar yummies. He also makes them crepes sometimes for breakfast on Saturday mornings, which they love.

Last week after church on Sunday Dave made the kids one of his specialties, "egg in a bubble" (eggs over easy), for lunch. Jared commented, "Dad makes us egg in a bubble and he makes crepes, so he is like the chef of the family."

Apparently, making pies with homemade crust, homemade breadsticks and rolls, Thai curries, Chicken Stuffed with Basil Walnut Butter, and other creative, delectable offerings does not make you the chef of the family. I'm not jealous... really, I'm not. ;)


Jadie said...

lol! Oh no, egg in a bubble is far more chef-worthy than chicken stuffed with basil walnut butter--to the under 12 crowd, anyway. Never fear, your friends who've had the chance to eat your delectable offerings are highly appreciative of your skills! :)

Kathy said...

Kids- they always appreciate the father's cooking efforts more than ours! UGH.