Friday, January 23, 2009

Easily Distracted

Oh yeah, so I was writing about Christmas break. We had a great time, even with our slightly delayed Christmas. Dave got me the American Idol game for Wii as one of my presents. Multiple fierce tournaments ensued... until we figured out that Dave's sister Jen was hands-down undoubtedly the best out of any of us. She basically kicked our trash every single time... but it was still fun. We did the usual Utah stuff... swimming at Papa's pool, Cafe Rio (yum... did I mention how terrible it is that the nearest one is in a different state?), Tucanos, and before long it was time to go home again. Luckily, our flight home was very unremarkable and we got back home as originally scheduled.


Jacki said...

Yea! you're back! I've missed you. Your trip sounds fun- except the skiing (well the sore legs anyway!)

Baggiore family said...

I understand the easily distracted. Nothing gets done in my house these days, except when Trevor is home!