Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I did this for facebook, so I figured I'd post it here...

1. I am a compulsive over-analyzer (like trying to figure out what random 25 facts about me could possibly be interesting...).
2. I am the second of six kids.
3. I have only been out of the country once- no twice (to Tijuana-- does that count?- and I guess I crossed the border into Canada as a baby), but I have traveled lots within the U.S.
4. My whole life I've wanted to go to Europe-- all of it! And Tahiti, too. And maybe Asia... I think I just love to travel in general.
5. I think it's not fair that my husband LIVED in Europe for two years in high school. Grrr.
6. My nickname as a baby was Chicken Licken.
7. I worked a technical writer during the summer while I was in college.
8. I was home-schooled from 5th grade through high school.
9. Yes, I still graduated from college and I'm not a social recluse (at least I like to think so...). I don't even stockpile guns in my basement!
10. I have a masters degree in Piano Performance.
11. I was seven months pregnant when I did my masters piano recital (yes, I could still reach the keys, but barely...).
12. I have moved 10 times in almost 9 years of marriage. I'm hoping to stay put for a while now.
13. I share my middle name with my mother, an aunt and a great-grandmother. (It is Louise.)
14. I LOVE all things having to do with food: cooking, great restaurants, growing herbs, collecting recipes, reading about food. In my next life I might be a food critic or a chef.
15. I discovered as an adult that I love to garden.
16. I also discovered that when I have a baby my green thumb turns brown. (I suppose there's only so many little growing things you can care for at a time...)
17. I love to read. I mostly read classic literature (1800's or before) or non-fiction, but I'm starting to branch out a bit.
18. My mom is one of my best friends. I also have the world's greatest mother-in-law. (Seriously, she is awesome.)
19. I met my husband when I was a freshman in college. We didn't date until I was a senior and we didn't get married until after I graduated.
20. I first knew I really "liked" my husband when he told me my feet stunk. (What can I say? I'm a romantic.)
21. I'm not a big phone talker. I really feel awkward calling people that I don't know or haven't talked to in a while.
22. I was really into ballroom dancing in college. I took a class almost every single semester.
23. I am afraid of heights. I discovered this when I went to the Grand Canyon when I was 7 months pregnant with my first child.
24. I wonder how you know that when someone says something is "blue" that "blue" looks the same to them as it does to you. How do you know that "blue" to them doesn't look purple?
25. I like to write and I use it as my personal mommy therapy sessions. I started blogging this past year.

26. I don't like to feel obligated to do things, so don't feel obligated to do this (even if I tagged you) if you don't want to.


Lara said...

#24: I often think about that, too. I also think about how amusing it would have been to teach my children all wrong. But of course, I could never remember that I taught them red was blue and would confuse them even further. But I really do wonder if everyone sees blue as the same I do, what if their blue is my red? The sky would look so weird if it were red.

Greek Goddess said...

Considering your feelings about talking on the phone, I thought we managed quite nicely the other month! :) My dad and I have also often talked about the color thing, how do you really know what someone else is seeing. I had more to say but I forgot.