Friday, July 27, 2007

We Found Out....It's A...

It's a BOY!!

When the kids heard the news, Jared cheered, but Camryn burst into tears, crying, "I wanted it to be a girl!!!" After at least two sessions of crying about it, she came up to me later and said happily, "I thought it would be a boy, and it was!" So now she's happy about it. Camryn wants to name the baby "Michael" (after one of her friends).

In less exciting news, we found out during the ultrasound that the baby has an enlarged nuchal fold (the skin on its neck is thicker than it should be). While it doesn't tell us anything definitive, it does mean there is an increased risk that the baby has a chromosomal disorder such as Down's syndrome. While this is definitely cause for concern, in good news, the rest of the baby, including the baby's heart and limbs, looked normal and healthy (often in Down's syndrome babies there is a structural defect, a heart defect or the limbs are shorter than they should be). Next month they will do another in-depth ultrasound and a fetal echocardiogram to check the baby's heart closely. We probably won't know anything for certain until the baby is born-- there could be a problem or the baby could be normal and healthy-- but they will be monitoring the baby carefully during the rest of the pregnancy.

We're hoping for the best, but no matter what happens, we're excited to have a new member of our family on the way.

We love you all and hope you are doing well!


Karen, Dave and kids

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