Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Guide For Chris (to Hitting.. or Missing the Target)

As requested, a synopsis of the update:

Paragraph 1: Establishing Portland's superiority to Utah in summer climate, despite heat wave.
Paragraph 2-3: A detailed description of a 2 hour trip to Target to choose cookies for Utah trip. Moral of the story- be a dictator and don't give your kids choices.
Paragraph 4-5: Had a good family reunion. Dave and I left on time despite our indecision.
Paragraph 6-7: An account of a 3 1/2 hour shopping trip to Costco and Winco, complete with two trips to the restroom in 30 minutes.
Paragraph 7-8: I did Quicken and called credit card customer service, during which Camryn nearly flooded the kitchen cleaning the floor to make it "sparkle."
Paragraph 9: Dave left for Asia. We went berry picking, swimming and to Sweet Tomatoes, amid unsuccessful attempts to clean.
Paragraph 10: My belly has popped (not literally)

The end.


P.S. Is this supposed to be an exercise in embarrassment at how little useful information is included in my multiple pages? =]

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