Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Condensed Version of "Rain.."

The brief summary of the update for Chris and other time-challenged parties... =]

Paragraph 1-2: After being in survival mode for several days, Susan arrived on Monday to rescue us.
Paragraph 2-3: I started painting my room. Grama took Camryn to breakfast and kids to a movie. It rained. Hard. In July.
Paragraph: 4-6: A detailed description of our squeamish introduction to fishing, including our savage attack of a worm.
Paragraph 7-8: Safari Sams with Grama. I finish painting. We swim at YMCA, get Burgerville shakes and onion rings, and spend two hours putting up window blind hardware.
Paragraph 9: Berry picking. In the rain. Played basketball at YMCA and got a cookie.
Paragraph 10-11: Susan makes her flight after being stuck in traffic. The kids and I get bread and cupcakes in Portland, then sit in traffic. I waste $30 taking the kids out to Thai food which they hardly ate because they asked for it and I thought it was cute.
Paragraph 12: Dave's wild trip to Korea and Singapore-- and back to Korea.
Paragraph 13: Robin Hood Festival and Parade. In the rain.

The End


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