Friday, August 2, 2013

From Bath to London

This morning we had breakfast in the original kitchen of our 1790's Georgian townhouse.
We then walked through the winding backstreets of Bath to the Assembly Rooms and the Fashion Museum.

It's hard to get used to looking the opposite way when you cross the streets. I still haven't gotten used to the flow of traffic here. 

Back in Jane Austen's time, the Assembly Rooms were used for holding balls and parties, playing cards and having tea.
After a walking through the rooms we went to the lower floor to the Fashion Museum. Maybe bonnets and corsets are on their way back in? Maybe not. 

We went to the Jane Austen centre but didnt have time to catch a tour so we had tea in their regency tea room before heading back to our B and B and catching a cab to the airport. 

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