Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Imaginary Blog

I compose blog posts several times a day. You wouldn't know it from looking at my blog. The problem is that while I compose lots of blog posts in my brain, only a fraction of them actually make it onto paper, er, cyberspace (or whatever writing a blog post counts as). I composed a really interesting post on what I enjoyed the most about reading "David Copperfield." There have been several about my husband Dave, marking the milestones in our relationship. There were some really biting satirical ones that I would have to save for a few days before I had the guts to post. There would be no end of posts detailing all of the cute things that Addy is doing these days, how smart Jackson is and the fun things that Jared and Camryn are doing. Alas, most of these blog posts have never been put into print.

I love the chance to sort out the frenetic racing of my brain by putting things on paper (or whatever you call the high-tech equivalent). I like the chance to send my thoughts out there to whoever feels like reading them or tuning in. But there are so many things pulling at me right now (figuratively and literally) that it's just hard to find the chance to do it.


Ranell said...

Ditto. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have more blog posts about the many posts I have written in my head but that didn't make it onto the real blog, than I have actual posts that are about something real! Does that make any sense?

Kelly(M&M) said...

I agree with both of you ladies!! I had such a great time at the beach that I am actually going to post something the day it happened and that is so rare.

Karen- I am a regular blog reader but lazy commenter. I love your blog because it is so real and honest! Please keep blogging when it fits into your schedule.

Ranell- Thanks for the beach house use! It was awesome! And, I am ready for your your next Memory Monday installment. Hint, hint.

ped crossing said...

My problem is that I compose them in my head, but by the time I get to the computer my head has emptied them to make room for something else. Sigh. And they are good posts too.

Ranell said...

I know! All my best posts are mental posts! I am a REALLY good, entertaining writer in my head. Not so much on my blog, though.

Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for my next Monday Memory. I'm already working on it. BIG SURPRISE that I skipped a week, I know.

Kate said...

I always think of my posts in the shower but lose them by the time I get out. I keep thinking that I need a pen and paper in the shower, but that probably wouldn't work.

Emily Laing said...

oh...I write them down and then don't post them mainly because it would probably offend someone. Like the ones about government, politics, my husband, my family, and then I don't post it for fear that someone will be offended. At least I have them saved, and not published right? The thing I always get mad at is not posting more pictures...I suck at remembering my camera.