Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Look for Jared and Camryn in the next Church News

From Dave's Mom:

Hi Family,
Today we invited Allessandra to go with Jared, Camryn, and I to the Church Museum of History and Art. I had heard from a friend that they had fun pioneer Christmas activities for kids at the Museum. When we arrived they were not only celebrating Christmas, but also had special activities to honor the birthday of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Our first activity was to listen to "Lucy Mack Smith" tell the kids about when her son, Joseph, was 7 (Jared's age) and caught cholera. She told them about the infection in his leg that had to be cut out and had a crutch like the one he might have used for 3 years while his leg healed. Then they colored "stained glass windows" like the one depicting the First Vision. While they were coloring a photographer from the Church News walked up to the Museum guide and asked if he could take pictures of the children participating in the activities.

So, Jared, Camryn, and Allessandra sat and listened to Lucy Mack Smith talk while he snapped pictures. He also took pictures of them coloring. He took down their first names, ages, and where they were from. They felt quite important!

Upstairs the kids made some "pioneer" Christmas ornaments: They punched holes in tin stars and made little mangers to hang on the tree. There was also a nativity with lots of costumes for the kids to put on to be a part of the nativity scene. Altogether it was a great afternoon.

Quotable quotes:
Camryn to "Lucy Mack Smith": How old are you?
"Lucy": If I were still alive I'd be over 200 years old.
Cam: " No, how old are you really?"

Allessandra in the car driving home: "After our pictures are in the Church News people will want us to sign autographs! We'll be famous!"

Jared: "Yea, our families will be millionaires!"

A very Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Susan, Mom, Grama Susan

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