Friday, September 19, 2008


It is almost dinner time but not nearly close enough to bed time. Dave has been out of town all week and finally gets back from Korea late tonight. I know I SHOULD be cleaning up the kitchen or doing some other productive work, but I'm too antsy. The kids are jumping from the love seat to a pile of pillows, so I think their mood matches mine.

Jackson has taken a liking to the back of the computer. He crawls to the back, looks at all of the pretty colored lights and then starts pulling at plugs until it turns off. (I'm surprised Jared hasn't picked up on this strategy when he gets tired of me being on the computer.)

Jackson is an expert crawler now, but his sense of adventure occasionally gets him in trouble. A few seconds ago Jackson wedged himself between the love seat and the wall.

Last week while my mom was here he was crawling around scavenging for Cheerios under his high chair (believe me, having food leftover on the floor under his high chair is highly unusual ;) and got himself stuck high centered on the bar. He cried until I came and got him unstuck, then he promptly did it again. My mom sent me these pictures with the caption "More Ambition Than Experience."

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Jadie said...

"more ambition than experience"--cute! I think that, in a nutshell, describes the early lives of little boys.