Monday, September 22, 2008

Something to Share

I just wanted to share this blog post from a good college friend of mine. She pretty much summarizes my whole experience adjusting to being a mom. I love how she honestly looks at both the difficulty and the joy of being a mom. (And my mom sang the same song to me, by the way....)

Cookies and Milk and Yellow Balloons

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Tenise said...

When I was in ballet (kindergarten) we did our ballet routine to that song. We got to bring baby dolls and I had my cabbage patch doll. I've always loved it. Now my kids love it, and I think they sometimes wonder where all the balloons and cookies are. In my defense, we did make cookies yesterday, but I confess, the last balloon that made it into our home, I popped in a pregnant hormonal rage. (It was mine though.)