Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jared's Birthday

Today was Jared's 7th birthday. Yes, I now have a seven-year-old. That makes me feel old. We had a friend party on Wednesday, (1/2 off night at Safari Sams and a cake mix cake with a Transformer stuck on it-- yes, I'm creative) so today was pretty low key. I made coffeecake for breakfast and we stuck candles in it. (Note to self: Don't stick candles in a hot cake. They melt and leave yummy wax pools.) After our yummy breakfast, Dave and I retired into the office to debate over the presents I bought last night in the 15 minutes before Target closed. We decided on to keep a few of them for Jared to open and then give him a "certificate" to go buy a portable basketball hoop for our yard/garage.

We managed to be late-again- to 2 pm church. But despite our tardiness and the fact that Jackson is now loud and wiggly for the entire 3 hour block, it was an enjoyable set of meetings. I made garlic herb salmon for dinner (Jared even requested it: that would bring tears to my dad's eyes to have a child REQUEST fish for dinner) and then had ice cream for dessert.

As I was putting Jared to bed he said, "Mom, did you and dad buy anything for my birthday that you decided to return? Like anything with Transformers on it?" We actually had. I asked him how he knew this. "Oh, I saw a box in the office that said 'Transformers' on it." I told him that we decided to keep a few things and return some so we could get him the basketball hoop instead. The basketball hoop would last longer.

"Well, mom," Jared said, "I think Transformers last for a really long time. They can even last forever. They don't rust. Really.... unless you stick them on a birthday cake."

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Brett and Kasia said...

Hey guys! You found us. We've moved on from Union Square to Las Vegas, and then to Texas. Congrats on your cute kids and your good life.

The Hopewells are great friends and we're glad we can connect with you through them!

Brett and Kasia