Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Postscript to "A Week at the Zoo"

I forgot to add the part about our "zoo." Jared's new hobby is collecting insects. His first pet was "James," a garden spider that met it's unfortunate demise when mommy accidentally hit his spider bowl, turned it over and smashed him trying to catch him again. Jared was distraught, but after many tears and finding a new "James" he finally got over the tragedy (funny enough, he wasn't distraught at all when he accidentally brought James II to an unfortunate early demise. He also has caught a moth, a "rolly-oly" bug and several other species. So far we have managed to keep Jared's zoo outside on the deck.

Jared also built a nifty lego plane that has four engines: one fire, one steam, one electricity and one gas... I guess he's looking into alternate fuel sources already.


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