Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Am I A Little Bit Obsessive?


I realized I left something out of my update..... oh no! How dare! I realized that I cannot rest until I know that it is complete. Yes, this is a sign of being obsessive. OK, maybe it's time for me to get a journal and stop bombarding relatives with endless accounts of our day-to-day minutiae. After all, how could you live without knowing about my snack wrap lunch and how we picked strawberries? The suspense would just kill you....

At least know that you are one of the favored one who I expect (or at least hope) will humor me in my obsessiveness.

On Tuesday I took the kids to lunch at McDonald's with some other moms. The kids played happily on the play place while I chatted with other moms and ate one of my worst lunches in recent memory. Since I don't really like McDonald's, I thought I would just order a few snack things. I ordered an apple dipper, a small order of fries (which the kids took care of in short order) and a Chicken Snack Wrap. I made the mistake of getting a ranch snack wrap, so my sandwich was doused with large quantities of marginally flavored mayonnaise. Despite efforts to remove some with a napkin, I only succeeded in removing everything except the chicken and the tortilla. I was left with a rather slim and not very appetizing lunch. After our McDonald's outing, we went to Target and then went 10 minutes down the road to go strawberry picking! The kids and I ran into a friend who was there with her daughter, so we picked until they left. With the three of us diligently laboring for over an hour, we went to check out and found we had picked 14 pounds of strawberries.

On the way home, I was coming home a roundabout way because of traffic and didn't see a stop sign until the last minute. I slammed on the brakes and one of our boxes of strawberries went flying, throwing strawberries all around our car, under the seats and into the carpet. We pulled over and spent 10 minutes trying to gather all of them up before resuming our drive home.

So... after more-than-an-hour of diligently picking berries, I even-more-diligently spent the next two days making two batches of freezer jam, two strawberry pies (which the kids informed me that they didn't like) and bags of frozen strawberries. Oregon strawberries are sweeter than California strawberries, but unfortunately, they are about half the size (I think my kids specialized in finding especially small ones...). So I spent upwards of three hours one day endlessly removing hulls and slicing strawberries. Fun stuff!

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