Monday, May 14, 2007

News... BIG News

No, we are not moving to Phoenix in 3 weeks... =]

We are having another baby!

I will be 10 weeks along tomorrow. The newest member of our clan is anticipated to arrive on December 11th, although I will probably be induced around December 4th. Our OB took one look at Jared and Camryn's respective birth weights-- 9 lb. 11 oz and 9 lb. 15 oz.-- and said, "How would you feel about being induced a week early?

I just had my first appointment on Friday. I had an ultrasound and got to see the baby's heartbeat as well as him/her wiggling, squirming and changing positions every 10 seconds. It really is miraculous to see a tiny human being at 9 1/2 weeks. I included the pictures from the ultrasound. It's kind of hard to distinguish between the blobs in the photo, but inside the kidney bean-shaped sac, you can see a light-bulb shaped blob that is baby's head, beneath which you can see two small round arms buds. Under that there is a large round blob that is baby's abdomen, followed by two small round blobs at the bottom, which are baby's leg buds.

After being blessed with a nearly nausea-free pregnancy with Camryn, I have been re-inducted into the "morning sickness stinks" club. Luckily, I'm not deathly ill, just enough to be exhausted, uncomfortable and unproductive. =] Re-introducing "friday pajama day" has helped and as long as nobody expects anything productive from me before 1:30 pm, we're fine. This week, the constant exhaustion seems to be going away a little, so hopefully I'll be getting my energy back soon!

So that is our news for the week... we hope you all had a great mother's day. Love,


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