Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Momentous, Stupendous Update

Dear Family,

Yet another week has passed by. We hit our 3-month anniversary of moving to Oregon on the 15th. (Wow, isn't it funny how time flies and drags at the same time?) A lot of this update will be similar to Susan's, but since I started writing it a few days ago, I'm going to send it anyway.

We had the chance to go to Richland, WA on Saturday and Sunday. Chris and Crystal (Dave's brother and his wife) were having their daughter Cailyn's baby blessing. After a beauftiful drive through the Columbia River Gorge and a not-so-beautiful drive through desert-y central/eastern oregon, we got to Chris and Crystal's on Saturday afternoon for our momentous first meeting with baby Cailyn! Cailyn is beautiful and absolutely perfect (my compliments to the parents=] ) and Chris gave her a beautiful, inspired blessing on Sunday.

Crystal's dad is an apple farmer, so on Saturday afternoon, Chris took Dave, Jared, Camryn, Susan and I on a tour of his orchard. We picked a few apples (okay, a few large boxes of apples) and Dave tried out Phil's 4-wheeler to see how fast it could accelerate (only shortening my life by a few hours as a result....). Dave has since informed me that we need to add a 4-wheeler to our list of must-purchase cool toys. As we were getting ready to get home and it was getting colder and darker, Camryn came up up to me with her shirt off. When I asked her why she took her shirt off, she replied, "Because I'm SO sweaty!" Okay, so which parent is she related to? Probably as a result of this escapade, Camryn got a nice, big, fat mosquito bite right next to her belly button.

On Monday, we celebrated the momentous and stupendous occasion of Jared turning in his first.... homework assignment! Before you are shocked at this unseemly example of child labor, you should know that the assignment involved tracing, coloring and cutting out shapes and gluing them on to a page to make your own monster (yes, they work them hard, even in kindergarten).

Jared and Camryn are obsessed with "mailing" letters right now. We actually ran out of a ream of paper and are running low on envelopes since they started the habit of writing several "letters" multiple times a day. Camryn, amazingly, has started writing her name. She can write "CAM" by herself, complete with an upside-down A, and can copy the other letters of her name if you write them for her.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in a while (after a break of I won't say how long... Hooray for dental coverage and good health insurance!). Camryn and Jared also had their well-child check-ups with our new doctor. I was informed that if Camryn keeps on the same growth trend she has had thus far in life, she's on target to be 5'11". Despite this shocking surprise, =] I had already resigned myself to being the shortest- er, um, second-shortest =] -person in Dave's family, so my self-esteem was undeterred by this revelation.

So this momentous update has turned out to be much ado about nothing. Oh well. The less there is to say, the more words it takes to say it in.=] I hope you all are having a great week. Love,

Karen (and D,J, and C)

Where have all the clean clothes gone? Kids have worn them, every one....

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