Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another Update Already?

Well, not much of consequence has happened since our last update, especially since our last one was sent late. I will forewarn you that this letter has not much in the way of exciting, important or relevant information, so feel free to skim or skip as you choose.

My latest thing (and about the only thing I have right now that resembles a goal...excuse me for a moment here while I pat myself on the back) is I have gone to the YMCA to work out 3x a week (consistently!) for the past 3 weeks. Not only that, but I have done 45-50 minutes of high-intensity cardio workout AND an additional 20 minutes or so weight lifting each time I have gone. (And no, I wasn't just tagging along with Dave, our household champion of fit lifestyles.) This is only funny coming from me, a lifetime, card-carrying member of the anti-workout club, who secretly believes that the only reason people really work out is because they are masochists who enjoy pain and discomfort or ego-maniacs who want to look like Arnold Schwarzennegger or Cindy Crawford. Well, I guess the fat lady has sung (or I've become a masochist or an ego-maniac =] ), because not only am I working out, I'm actually enjoying it. Maybe it's just because I have 90 minutes 3x a week when I actually can do something for myself, by myself (let me just say, hooray for YMCA childwatch!!) or maybe it is the fact that I can blast my mp3 player (thank you, Dave!) and let out any pent-up aggression built up from dealing with temperamental preschoolers without harming anyone or causing damage to property. =]

Now, having said that, I am finding a strange coincidence. In the past few weeks I have been having a very hard time keeping the house clean. In fact, the house seems to be in a perpetual state of decline from extraordinarily messy to national health hazard. We spent all day Saturday trying to restore some order and cleanliness to the house, as we were on the verge of having to open a ferry to get from the kid's room door to their bunk bed. Now, you may think that I am implying that this circumstance has something to do with my new regularity of workouts at the YMCA, but no, I am not trying to evade responsibility. I'm just finding you just can't have it all- at least not at the same time. =]

Jared continues to write prolifically and to be the most accurate phonetic speller I've ever seen. Too bad English isn't spelled phonetically (maybe he is a Russian at heart). He recently wrote in marker on a paint stick, "We r u prt uv u famly" (translation: We are a part of a family). I have to say, his way of spelling it makes much more sense. As I write this, he wrote "RTHR" (translation: Arthur) and is now currently drawing an October calendar: he is drawing rows of boxes, starting with "1" in the bottom left corner of the page, each with a number and a neatly-drawn candy corn.

We got adventurous this weekend and took the kids out for Thai food on Saturday night. After two years of avoiding Asian cuisine with the kids (after a disastrous outing at Chef Chu's that involved screaming and not very much eating) we finally tried again. And the shock of the evening was.... the kids liked it! They gobbled up their Vietnamese stir-fried pork and Pad Thai noodles. In fact, they liked it so much, that today during the Sacrament Meeting primary program, Jared spent the whole time telling the member of the Primary Presidency who was sitting next to him, "Last night we went out for Thai food. It's food from Thailand. I really liked the yummy sweet pork. It was SO good." At least that was what he did when he wasn't popping up and down in his seat, waving to Camryn with one hand and picking his nose with the other.

Well, that's more than anyone wanted or needed to hear, but that was our week..... Love ya.

Karen, Dave and kids

There are only two things a child will share willingly; communicable diseases and its mother's age. -Benjamin Spock

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