Friday, May 9, 2014

Blog Post #501-- or not

I just accidentally posted my 500th blog post. And I did without any of the accompanying hoopla and "rah, rah, rah" that I had planned. Not that I had really planned anything, given that blogging is now something that I do periodically several times a year (vs. several times a week). So this one is blog post #501-- or the five hundred and one-th, as Jackson would say.

I was going through my email drafts folder and saw a draft that was still there from 2009. I started writing a blog post back in December 2009 (about events that happened in May 2009) but never gotten around to finishing. Having a little bit of would-be historian in me, I couldn't every bring myself to delete something that included historical information, so there it stayed. Today I backposted it (in May of 2009, with the dates it was written about). It is sketched out, unfinished, with some tantalizing bits that might have been interesting and several that definitely were not. Maybe kind of a metaphor for my current life....

Oh and looking back it turns out that the number 500 posts includes 16 drafts in blogger that I never actually published. Okay. So it is really 485 posts. Post topic fail. The end.

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Diana said...

You're so funny Karen