Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SoCal Spring Break Part 1: Loma Linda

We started our Spring Break trip to California by flying to Ontario airport on Monday, March 24th. We rented a car and drove to Loma Linda so we could see Auntie Alisa and Uncle Jacob's house. The kids enjoyed playing in their backyard. The top attraction was the stone wall,
... followed closely by the hammock.
Alisa was in her 9th month of pregnancy with baby #2. Stephen is getting to be a big boy with a huge head of hair!
Can you spot Jared in this picture?
 Look a little closer!
We went out for crazy gourmet pizza in Loma Linda with Alisa, Jacob and Stevie. The kids each chose their own flavor of old-fashioned soda. Our crazy pizza choices included one with spaghetti and another with barbecued chicken. But we didn't get the peanut butter and bacon pizza. Another time...

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