Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 2: Oregon Snowmageddon

Saturday we were snowed in at our house. Everyone went sledding (even me). Addy became quite proficient at going down hills penguin style with no sled. 
Dave came out to join the fun and even tried his own take on "dog-sledding." It wasn't love at first slide for Sista, but by her 4th or 5th run she liked it (or was at least used to it and resigned to her fate). 
Oregon snow is kind of like Oregon sun--in that the entire neighborhood comes outside to see it. Our neighbors even brought a fire pit out front. 

We got up to about 7 or 8 inches of snow. We celebrated the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in true winter style-- with so much snow that we couldn't drive anywhere. 

The kids have made a serious dent in our Costco-sized tub of Stephens hot cocoa mix. Jackson was sad when we ran out of "whooped cream" to go on top, but luckily we had lots of marshmallows on hand. 
A couple other funny Jackson-isms: "I can't find my glubs." (gloves) He also like it when Jared makes him a smoovie (which he perceptively noted rhymes with the word "movie"). 

Addy likes to eat yee-gurt or yay-gurt. If you tell her she is in the wrong she will reply, "No, I amn't!" She also will tell you when things are "broked" or when she "woked" up. 
Jared and Camryn were seriously disappointed that I didn't let them use the snow as an excuse to get out of practicing for the third consecutive day ("But mom, there is snow outside..."). They shockingly managed to get their practicing done and still have hours and hours to sled and build igloos. 

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