Monday, October 3, 2011

Funny Things the Kids Say

Here are some funny things that the kids have been saying recently:

  • "I'm wary firsty." (He's never just thirsty. Always very thirsty.)
  • "Cubumber" (for cucumber)
  • "My birthday is in bohbember."
  • "It's too louder!"
  • "I! don't! want! dat! eeder!!!!" (I don't want that either!-- even if what you were suggesting wasn't an alternative at all....)
  • "Is it tomorrow yet?"
  • "Is it still today?"
  • J: What time is it? Me: 3:30 J: Why?
  • "When will we go to Disneyland?"
  • J: What day is it? Me: Monday J: Why?
  • (when saying a prayer) "Thank you for this days."
  • "Am I a big kid?"
  • "Nammies" (jammies)
  • "Skake" (fruit stick)
  • "Snock" (snack, usually meaning fruit snacks)
  • "Nominoes" (dominoes)
  • "Tock-tock" (Tic-Tac)
  • "Bunnies" (bunny crackers)
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Color!" (meaning to draw)
  • "Where's Addy?"
  • "no, no, no, No, NO, NOOOOO!"
  • "nigh-nigh" (Night-night, meaning either nap, bed or blanket)
  • "No want go nigh-nigh!" (I don't want to nigh-night)
  • "Where's Jared Camryn?"

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