Thursday, July 14, 2011

Since My Last Post

Since I clicked "Publish Post" on my last blog entry, the following has happened:

  • Jackson and Addy dumped an entire box of bunny crackers on the living room carpet. 
  • I made attempts to have Jackson and Camryn help clean it up
  • Jackson threw a tantrum and got sent to his room
  • Camryn and I finished cleaning up the crackers
  • I got out the vacuum to get the rest of the crumbs
  • Jackson yells from upstairs that he needs to go potty.
  • The vacuum isn't sucking anything up. The rotor brush isn't moving.
  • I take the vacuum apart and try to figure it out
  • Jackson yells from upstairs, "I need new pants! I'm all wet!"
  • It looks like there is a belt that is supposed to attach the rotor brush to the motor and it isn't connected. How do I fix this? Oh wait, no problem. I learned that in Motherhood 101 (yes, that is sarcasm). At least I have google.

1 comment:

David Rogers said...

It sounds like it is time to take them to McDonalds play land and let them run until the beg for bedtime