Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Been Keeping Me Away

I just realized it has been almost a month since I have posted on my blog. I guess I've been busy. I wonder what could be keeping me from my blog? Hmmm... besides my typical daily laundry avoidance rituals.... Oh yeah, I'm directing a concert that is one week from Saturday. Cantico, the choir that I direct, has its spring concert on the 22nd and I'm basically the lucky person in charge. :) 

It is a huge project, trying to keep track of all of the concert details, be prepared to conduct the music and still keep my head on straight, but I love it-- it is so much fun! The concert is going to be FANTASTIC by the way. We are singing everything from an a cappella Renaissance motet to The Beatles. And we have a couple of fun surprises up our sleeves.... :) If you are in the area, be sure to get tickets at . That way we can still be friends. =] J.K.

But seriously, it really makes such a difference to have friends come and see you perform. It will be a great concert and you will thoroughly enjoy it. Oh, and you can use the coupon code KPORTER to get a 20% discount on tickets. So come and be entertained-- or just come to give me a figurative pat-on-the-back/high-five/show your support. :) Either way works.

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Ranell said...

I consider myself your biggest fan, literally, the biggest. (Although I am getting smaller by the day.) I have been to every one of Cantico's concerts, you know, all 3 of them.

No, but really, I can't wait to see you in all your awesome-ness!