Friday, April 16, 2010

What-up with Jackson

Hey everyone, this is Jackson. Mom thinks that all I ever do on her computer is press random buttons, try to hit the power button, close the lid while she's typing or sit on it. This will show her!

I've had a busy couple of days. I have tons that I have to get done, but Mom keeps getting in the way. Don't get me wrong-- I love her and all, but she can really keep me from being fully productive. Sigh. I guess I just have to do the best I can.

Yesterday I was practicing my drums for "Band Hero" (offline, of course- ever since Dad installed locks on the TV cabinet it has seriously inhibited my Wii practice), but mom put the drums away in the corner. I couldn't stand in the corner to practice drums so I had to find some multi-level practice surface in the middle of the room. Hmmm, baby Addy's Exersaucer tray... and her head! A perfect substitute! Nice and round,  just like the drum pads, and a very convenient height, to boot. I was getting in a great practice session until Addy had to start making a big fuss about it. Then mom came in and took away my drumsticks! The nerve of her! Doesn't she want me to be a musical child? Or at least a rock star? Luckily, I had a bunch of other things to get done to which I could turn my attention.

There are these really annoying dangling things that hang down in front of our sliding glass door. They make it so you can't even see outside through the window. Since they just get in the way I started to pull them off. They even made great play toys once they were pulled off, but I only got to one of them before mom got in the way... again.

My parents are nice enough people, but they have really bad taste in decorating. Everything is boring. They need some color and fun to spice things up. I have done my best to add some color to the walls when I get a chance, but mom and dad never allow me to fully express myself artistically. Yesterday I decided that Mom and Dad's room could use a little boost, so I climbed on top of their dresser with a mirror on it and decided to add some nice wall accents above the mirror. I hadn't even finished when mom came and pulled me down, mumbling some garbage about pens needing to be used on paper instead of walls. How do they expect me to work under these conditions- always being interrupted?

Yesterday I realized that carpet in the living room hadn't been watered in weeks. (Are my parents trying to let it die?) So I got a water bottle from the kitchen to try and fix it. I couldn't get the lid off completely, but I figured out that if you turn the bottle upside down and squeeze hard enough the water will start coming out anyway. Phew. But I had only finished watering one spot when mom came and interrupted me again.

I've been doing all of this in addition to my usual responsibilities of keeping the baby entertained (she loves to have her eyes poked and my fingers stuck in her mouth), keeping Addy's hair done (she like it best with big bursts of slobber streaked through it) and putting the phone back where it goes (in the cupboard, of course). And two days ago, I managed to clean up a ton of stuff in the basement before mom interfered. (Why doesn't she realize that it's much faster to throw them over the deck railing into the backyard rather than put them on shelves? Grown-ups can be so dense...).

Anyway, Mom makes it really hard to do my job sometimes and she has a real knack for getting in the way, but I want her to know I love her anyway.




alina said...

lol! love it!

Lara said...

Best blog post ever.

Poor Jackson. :)

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hilarious! I really felt like I was in Jackson's head. He is a cute, busy boy and you are a fantastic mom! I am glad we are friends. You are a very talented writer too!

Jadie said...

Hahaha! That was hysterical! Poor Jackson--true artists are never appreciated in their day...