Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bedtime for Jared

Hmmmm.... no more trips to the planetarium? This is a short excerpt from the conversation I had as I attempted to put Jared to bed tonight:

Me: "Climb in bed, Jared. Time to put your head on the pillow. Light's out."
Jared: "Mom, I hope I don't have any bad dreams again like last night's dream about the scary fish."
Me: "I hope not. Good night, Jared."
Jared: "Well, mom... do you know what I'm most scared of?"
Me: "What Jared?"
Jared: "A comet hitting earth."
Me: "Well that's not very likely."
J: "But what if it happened?"
M: "Well, scientists would see it coming and stop it."
J: "Oh, you're right. They would just make a spinner thing to stop it. Or they could do a gravity thing. But do you know what the best thing to do would be?"
M: "What Jared?"
J: "A laser circle around the earth that would blow anything up that came near it. And then space ships could have a special thing so they could get out."
M: "Good night Jared. Have a good sleep."
J: "Well, mom, does dad come home at night?"
M: "Yes, he does."
J: "Then why don't I see him?"
M: "Because he comes home really late after you're asleep. "
J: "Yeah, I get to see him on days that are days off or on Saturdays."
M: "I'll tell dad you want to see him some more. Good night Jared. I love you."
J: "Well mom, when does summer start?"
M: "In June. That's two months away."
J: "Well, I'm having a summer camp and it starts in May."
M: "Then it would be a spring camp. You'd have to make sure it wasn't on a school day."
J: "It would be on a Saturday. It will be the day after the day after Camryn's birthday. And we're going to have a cake shaped like a leaf or a tree and lots of activities.
M: "Good night Jared. I'll see you in the morning when the sun comes up."
J: "Well mom, do you know the only thing that is specialer than summer camp?"
M: "No, Jared. What?"
J: "Christmas camp. Then you hang stockings and decorate gingerbread cookies."
M: "Good night, Jared. I love you. Have a good sleep."
J: "Well, mom, you should stop eating so much food. Your stomach is getting big."
M: "Jared, when you have a baby your stomach gets really big and it takes a while for it to get small again."
J: "Mom, I wish you had twins-- then we could have a boy and a girl."
M: "That would be fun."
J: "What if you had triplets? Then what if you had to feed three babies at the same time?"
M: "That would be a lot of work. Good night, Jared!"
J: "Wait! You forgot my prayers."
(Jared says his prayers)
M: "Good night, Jared. Have a good sleep."
J: "Well, mom..."
M: "GOOD NIGHT! I love you." (As I close the door)

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