Tuesday, March 27, 2007


At the risk of (okay, fine-- with the knowledge that I am) sounding and being petty... I just had to write this.

Today I was reading in the Oregonian and they had an article about the perplexities of tipping (one of my pet peeves-- how are you supposed to know what you are supposed to give as a tip for every little incidental thing). It had tipping recommendations for Valet Parking Attendants --bringing my mind back to a little incident on the way to Lindsay's rehearsal dinner where I was scoffed and scorned for the GALL I had to request change for a $5 bill to tip the Valet parking attendant. It says the tip for normal valet service is $2; for unnecessary service (where you have to use the valet even though the car will be parked 10 feet away in an empty lot) $1; for Great Service ( i.e. the valet is sopping wet in the rain but holds an umbrella for you) $5.

Fools mock but they shall mourn! (There's scripture for you!)

OK, fine so I am being petty to remember this incident from how many months ago, but I do feel vindicated that I was not being SO VERY socially inept as I was purported to be. =]


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